Untitled (Garden), 2018, Installation view 

Installation view, detail

Wallpaper detail, Photograph courtesy of Denisa Ilie  

Untiled (Garden), 2018, Installation View

Untitled (Gardne), 2018, Wallpaper detail

Walls separate space and create a spectacleWe fill the emptiness with objects that document our lived experiences; every site is classified by what is within.

The usefulness of a water pitcher dwelt in the emptiness where water might be put in, not in the form of the pitcher or the material of which it is made - Kakuzo Okakura (1906).

Garden wall structures frame the boundaries of the site, a representation of space created within the gallery environment. The wallpaper is a document of the boundaries between sites and the installation as a whole represents the transition between states. 

Untitled (Garden) was created for the Norwich University of the Arts Master's Degree Show 2018. It consists of four separate elements; the garden wall boxes, wallpaper, framed architectural prints, and a framed print from the Displacement Series, 2017.

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