Acetone Print, Part of Vestige, 2015

Videantur Capite Verum, 2014

Photograph, Vestige (Part II), exhibited at Free Range, 2015

The creation and documentation of an object of knowledge. How is our perception of images reliant on the environment in which we are exposed to them?

Vestige consists of a series of images, using a variety of media, documenting flora. The images represent an intensive collection detailing plants intended 'to supply a 'sign' that will then be forgotten as such: The sign aims to be the thing, to abolish the distinction of the reference, the mechanism of replacement.' - Umberto Eco (1986)

The series made up the bulk of research leading up to the Norwich University of the Arts Undergraduate Degree show 2015. The series has taken many forms; from images, such as print work and photographs, to sculpture, including documents displayed in vitrines to highlight the archival nature of the project.

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