Pillar in first placement alongside Albert Oehlen's artwork

Second placement of pillar alongside Francesca DiMattio's artwork

Taking inspiration from Francesca DiMattio, Ablert Oehlen, and the London Methodist Chapel of the Zabludowicz collection gallery the artist spends a one day assignment building an eight foot high pillar using spare and found materials in the gallery. The single day project was carried out in conjunction with other students from Norwich University of the Arts and Central Saint Martins, over-viewed by Canadian artist Dallas Seitz.

This experimental piece created by Barkus takes inspiration from the kitsch colour scheme of the two exhibiting artists and applies it to the architectural element of a pillar, which was a prominent feature in the other works as well as in the building itself. The placement of the artwork, mirroring the painting behind it as well its location on the polished floor, explore how artworks can be placed in a pre-curated exhibition. This project shows the early development of the artist's critical thinking.

Photographs courtesy of Kelly Large


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